IT and Cybersecurity

Marcman IT and Cybersecurity, a division of Marcman Solutions, offers services in the following core areas of service:


Marcman Solutions IT & Cybersecurity division offers best-in-class,
comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for government and commercial

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment based on FISMA, NIST, CISA, and relevant governance, guidance and regulations
  • Corrective Actions and Remediations
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Breach Incident Response
  • NIST compliance and reporting
  • Implementation of solutions that feed into a Zero Trust Maturity Model

Representative experience of our professionals:

  • Implemented NIST/DoD Risk Management Framework across US Southern Command, spanning over 27 countries, plus 32 U.S. Embassies and Consulates
  • Led program development of the U.S. Army’s Global Cyber Strategic Planning and Development Initiative
  • Leading the first-ever US government federal agency-wide Zero Trust
  • Architecture implementation, in accordance with CISA/OMB guidelines

Zero Trust Maturity

Marcman Solutions senior leadership is currently engaging in leading the first U.S. federal agency implementation of CISA’s Zero Trust Security Model. This implementation is providing Marcman Solutions professionals with ahead-of-the curve knowledge and experience in the practical implementation of this next-generation approach to protecting networks and data.

Case Study Snapshot: Rapid Response to Restore Network Service for Statewide Law Enforcement Agency

Marcman Solutions was contracted by a Statewide law enforcement agency facing a complete network service outage. Within 30 minutes, Marcman Solutions engineers engaged to diagnose and support corrective actions. Marcman Solutions conducted a root cause analysis and restored all services within 3 hours. Our professionals further developed a Corrective Action Plan to improve enterprise operations and prevent future outages.

Our professionals provide services across verticals including, but not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Public & Government Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Education/Higher Education
  • Financial Services
Legal, Accounting, and other Professional Services
  • Professional Sports Organizations
  • Communications Technology
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Hospitality and Cruise
  • Food Supply Chain and Service Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Legacy Modernization

Cloud Migration

Our public and private cloud migration services are designed to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud. We offer an all-encompassing suite of services, including assessment, planning, migration, and optimization. From endpoint protection to cloud security, we have the experience and expertise to design, build and maintain a secure environment.

Mainframe Access and Migration

Through the use of proprietary technologies, Marcman Solutions offers advanced support for clients with mainframe assets:

Extend Life of Existing Assets:

Extend the reach of those systems by dynamically creating APIs that would allow newer applications to leverage the legacy assets still served by those mainframe platforms.

Offload API Processing:

Modernization solutions that provide you all the benefits of mainframe integration without impacting mainframe resources.

Rapid Integration:

Solutions that allow rapid development of new capabilities for newer applications while leveraging your legacy systems without writing any code.

Reduce Risk:

One of the biggest challenges to mainframe modernization is mitigating risk associated with legacy applications that may not have been touched in over a decade. The Adaptigent Fabric solution provides the ability to expose legacy applications as RESTful APIs without making any changes to those applications.